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George Balabushka Circa 1959 Rosewood full splice house cue conversion.Curly maple forearm. Brass joint w/ stainless steel 5/16" x 14 pin. White and black joint collar rings. Smooth black leather wrap. One of George Balabushka's earliest cues. Restored by Pete Tascarella, plays fantastic. Two shafts 13mm  ivory ferrules 57.25"  19.75 ounces                                                 
George Balabushka Circa 1960s Rosewood Titlist conversion. Brass piloted joint w/ walrus ivory decor rings. Walrus ivory butt plate. Brown leather wrap. Balance point from bottom 18.5". Cue in my personal collection One shaft 12.6 mm ivory ferrule 58" 20.1 ounces                                                             
Dick Abbott Virginia,USA (540) 772-7827
George Balabushka
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  $10,500           Q2135 
$7,700           Q2211
George Balabushka
Circa mid 1960s
$14,500            Q2361 
Rosewood Burton Spain blank