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House cue conversion circa 1959 Rosewood full splice house cue conversion. Curly maple forearm. Brass joint w/ stainless steel 5/16" x 14 pin. White and black joint collar rings. Smooth black leather wrap. One of George Balabushka's earliest cues. Restored by Pete Tascarella, plays fantastic. Two shafts  ~  13 mm w/ ivory ferrules. 57.25"  ~  19.75 ounces. Q2211  ~  $7,700 click to view provenance  [1]   [2]                                                   
Titlist conversion circa 1960s Rosewood Titlist conversion. Brass piloted joint w/ walrus ivory decor rings. Walrus ivory butt plate. Brown leather wrap. Balance point from bottom 18.5". One shaft  ~  12.6 mm w/ ivory ferrule. 58"  ~  20.1 ounces. Q2135  ~   $10,500                                                                       
Dick Abbott Virginia,USA (540) 772-7827
George Balabushka
Burton Spain full splice blank. Four points ebony w/ black, orange, green, natural veneers. Straight grain maple forearm. Mother of pearl diamond in each point. Ebony butt sleeve w/ mother of pearl diamonds & nameplate. Stainless steel joint w/ black phenolic and nickel silver trim rings. Cortland white w/ green speck Irish linen wrap. 100% original. Two shafts  ~  12.5 mm w/ ivory ferrules & Champion tips. 57"  ~  19.8 ounces. Q2198  ~  $14,500
George Balabushka - Leo St. James
circa 1967