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Omega DPK A set of 3 cues circa 1991 / 1993 made for Ed Boado’s executive assistant during the time of Omega/DPK Cues. David Paul Kersenbrock is a pool stick genius and the most recent inductee into the American Cuemakers hall of fame. Mike Bender is a highly respected world class cuemaker.  The trio of cues was created by David Paul Kersenbrock & Mike Bender. The cues are played and in excellent original condition. Cues by David Paul Kersenbrock are very scarce and highly collectible. 5 point ebony into bird's eye maple. 45 ivory inlays. Ivory decor rings @ 5 places. Black w/ white speck linen wrap. Original Omega DPK joint protectors. 2 shafts  ~  12.8 mm w/ ivory ferrules. 57”  ~  18.8 ounces Q2322  ~  $3,700  
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Omega DPK