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Omega DPK A set of 3 cues circa 1991, 92 & 93 made for Ed Boado’s executive assistant during the time of Omega/DPK Cues. David Paul Kersenbrock is a pool stick genius and the most recent inductee into the American Cuemakers hall of fame. Mike and Tracy Bender are highly respected world class cuemakers. The trio of cues was created by David Paul Kersenbrock, Mike, Tracy & Matt Bender. The cues are played and in excellent original condition. 5 point ebony into bird's eye maple w/ 45 ivory inlays & ivory decor rings @ 5 places - 2 shafts ivory ferrules.   Sneaky Pete' house cue conversion - one shaft. Cues by David Paul Kersenbrock are very scarce and highly collectible
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Omega DPK
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