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Rocky Tillis
Rocky Tillis circa 1979 'Merry Widow' bird's eye maple forearm. Bird's eye maple butt sleeve w/ 3-ball windows. Fancy decor rings. Stainless steel piloted joint. Cortland Irish linen wrap. Original condition. Three shafts  ~  12.0 mm, 12.1 mm, 12.6mm. 58"  ~  19.5 ounces. Q2182  ~  $1,950               Click to view provenance [1]
Rocky’s last cue circa 1986 This is the cue Rocky was completing when he suffered a stroke in 1986. He finished the cue after several months of recuperation but was not physically able to make any more. African black wood nose w/ six points of maple and African blackwood. 42 inlays with decor rings @abcde. White with tan speck Irish linen wrap. Very good condition. Two shafts  ~  13mm ivory ferrules. 58.5"  ~  20.2 ounces. Q2266  ~  $2,550