Frank Paradise “The Willie Mosconi Mickey Mantle” Cue 
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Harvey Martin “Ivory Handle”
Harvey Martin is the father of custom cue making in America. He produced excellent billiard instruments from the 1920s until his death in 1983. His specialty was cues for carom billiards players. Martin was an innovator, both in the materials he used and in the implementation of the mechanics in his cues. Most of Harvey’s cues included ivory for the joint, butt plate and ferrules. Of the many cues he produced in the 60 year span only eight had ivory handles – this is one of those extremely rare cues. Adding to the rarity this cue the butt section disassembles into three separate parts, an innovation by Harvey Martin so the weight, weight distribution and balance could be altered. The cue was made for Jim McFarlane a prominent west coast 3-cushion billiards player. Mr. McFarlane finished second in the 1976 Nation 3-Cushion Championship held in San Jose, CA. The cue is pristine 100% original condition.  
In   1960   Frank   Paradise   was   commissioned   by   Willie   Mosconi   to   create      a   unique   cue   as   a   gift   for   his   friend   #7 Mickey   Mantle   of   the   NY   Yankees.   Frank   Paradise   was   inducted   into   the   ACA      Hall   of   Fame.   Willie   Mosconi   is     considered   to   be   the   greatest   pool   player   of   all   time   and   also   an   inductee   into   the   BCA   Hall   of   Fame.   This   was Mickey   Mantle's   personal   playing   cue.   You   can   own   one   of   Mickey's   game   used   bats,   gloves   or   jerseys   and   admire it,   but   to   own   his   cue   and   play   with   it,   is   just   priceless.   This   is   a   unique   piece      of   sport's   history.   The   cue   was purchased through Sotheby's annual sportsmemorabilia auction and now after many years available for purchase.
Cal Hedden “Titlist”
I must admit I have an addiction – the Brunswick ‘Titlist’ cue. Having owned approximately 200 of them in one form or another, 1 & 2 piece models from Brunswick, Adam, Schmelke, Joss and conversions from most major and many minor cuemakers. Of all of these fine Titlist pool sticks, one stands above the rest and it was produced by an obscure cuemaker – Cal Hedden from Pekin, IL in 1971. Titlist conversion with more work into it than any other Titlist conversion I've ever seen.Cue was made for his daughter Linda aka "Punky Punk", she was aspiring to become a pro player.Shaft has 9" curly maple bottom end with 40 inlays attached to straight grain maple front. Rosewood handle is checkered like a gun stock with veneers and interesting marquetry work spiraling 180* around the cue.The forearm is gun drilled 3", there is a 3" tenon on the handle with a 5/16" screw to attach it to the forearm.This has to be one of the first examples of coring a cue.Quality and ingenuity and execution with attention to detail is over the top.The checkering is perfect, a good gunsmith would be proud of this work.He was also influenced by cuemakers of the 19th century, the veneer work and marquetry is certainly 'old school'. Many world class cuemakers have examined this cue, all were impressed and amazed by the perfection of machining and attention to detail.
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Jerry Olivier “Functional Work of Art”
The   Corvette   by   Chevrolet   certainly   fits   the   title.   This   Ebony,   ivory   and   silver   billiard   cue handcrafted   by   world   renowned   cuemaker   Jerry   Olivier   in   collaboration   with   scrimshaw artist   Sandra   Brady   also   fits   the   title.   These   excellent   representations   of   ‘functional   work of   art’,   when   combined   together,   create   a   unique   masterpiece   to   adorn   the   collection   of any connoisseur of fine pool cues, Corvette aficionado, art lover or pool player. Jerry   Olivier   of   Pearland,   Texas   has   been   handcrafting   exceptional   cues   since   1995.   He   personally   creates   a limited   number   of   fine   instruments   each   year.      Jerry   uses   state   of   the   art   equipment   capable   of   exacting tolerances   of   fit   and   finish   that   result   in   a   billiard   cue   that   will   be   playable   for   many   generations.   Mr.   Olivier drives   a   1978   25 th    anniversary   Vette   that   was   previously   on   display   in   the   Corvette   Museum   and   also   owned   a 1997   Corvette.   Sandra   Brady   of   Monclova,   Ohio   has   been   a   scrimshaw   artist   for   more   than   30   years.   She   began winning   art   awards   and   honors   in   1991.         Sandra’s   work   is   in   private   collections   all   over   the   world   and   on display in museums.Thanks to Corvette artist Scott Teeters for his input and assistance Here are the six generations of Corvettes: C1      -   1957      -   fuelie      -      venetian   red   &   arctic   white   283   cubic   inches   creating   283   fuel-injected   horse   power                          C2  -  1967  -  tri-carb 427  -  greenwood green the last Sting Ray  C3  -  1969  -  ZL1  -  can-am white Zora Arkus Duntov’s toy  C4  -  1996  -  Gran Sport  -  admiral blue & arctic white tribute to the ’63 Gran Sport  C5  -  2004  -  Z51 convertible  -  magnetic red II 409 c.i.d. - 650 hp  -  bad to the bone street machine  C6  -  2007  -  Z06  -  velocity yellow 427 c.i.d - 505 hp  -  need I say more 
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From Willie Mosconi to Mickey Mantle
$2,850          Q2313
Model 16 from the third Palmer catalog Circa late 1970s Gus Szamboti forearm 4 prongs maple into Macassar ebony with white, green, orange & black veneers 72 mother of pearl inlays Black Dacron wrap NOS (new old stock) – cue has never been chalked – 100% original Original model and weight stickers on the butt plate Palmer's identification marks on the butt and shaft - handwritten 7 and green ink stripe on both Cue made by two hall of fame cuemakers This cue is featured in June 2016 issue of ‘Billiards Digest’ magazine One shaft 12.9mm 58” 20.9 ounces
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