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Barry Szamboti
Barry Szamboti 1998 Four points Hawaiian koa wood into fiddle back maple forearm w/ purple, mahogany, green & maple veneers. Hawaiian koa wood butt sleeve. The Hawaiian koa wood given to Gus by 'Hawaiian Brian'. One of three cues made from this wood. It has a Hoppe style butt plate and butt cap and rubber bumper from Gus' inventory. Penn white w/ green speck Irish linen wrap. Piloted ivory joint w/ 5/16" x 14 pin and ivory decor ring @ joint collars. Cue has been my personal playing cue for 17 years. Six shafts: 4 Barry Szamboti 2 x 29" & 2 x 30" w/ ivory ferrules Moori tips 1 Predator 314  30" by PFD w/ ivory ferrule Moori tip 1 OB1 29" by Samsara Moori tip
$8,850               Q0055