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Barry Szamboti
Barry Szamboti 1998 Four points Hawaiian koa wood w/ purple, mahogany, green & maple veneers. Fiddle back maple forearm. Hawaiian koa wood butt sleeve. The Hawaiian koa wood given to Gus by 'Hawaiian Brian'. One of three cues made from this wood. Hoppe style butt plate and butt cap and rubber bumper from Gus' inventory. Penn white w/ green speck Irish linen wrap. Piloted ivory joint w/ 5/16" x 14 pin, Ivory decor ring @ joint collars. Cue has been my personal playing cue for 19 years. Six shafts: 4 Barry Szamboti 2 x 29" & 2 x 30" w/ ivory ferrules & Moori tips. 1 Predator 314 30" by PFD w/ ivory ferrule & Moori tip. 1 OB1 29" by Samsara w/ Moori tip. Q0055  ~  $8,850 Click to view provenance [1]